Improve customer satisfaction and increase sales

With NG Customer Connect, you provide your customers with their own customer portal.

Your customers will:

  • Quickly and easily see their project status
  • Access your project team with 1-click phone calling or emailing
  • View job progress photos
  • Retrieve job documents
  • Be impressed with hi-tech, easy communications you offer them

You will:

  • Receive timely feedback from your customers during projects and improve customer communications
  • Gently remind your customer who you are with your company logo on their customer portal
  • Grow sales by encouraging customers to give referrals via their portal
Save time and effort, improving productivity

We understand our customers would rather be in the field than at a desk. NG Customer Connect is designed to improve your productivity and can be used on the job or on the move.

  • 1-click dial your customers
  • Quickly schedule appointments and installations
  • Launch appointment driving directions from your phone
  • Enjoy one-handed use with your phone, switchable between right-handed and left-handed modes
  • Less e-mailing and calling your team since they can view job information any time
Improve your company's internal communications

NG Customer Connect ensures your entire team is on the same page, seeing sales opportunities and jobs in progress at any time.

  • The Home Screen is a dashboard displaying the number of opportunities and jobs in progress
  • Click each phase button to display a list of jobs in the phase
  • Easily add an opportunity or job by clicking the "+" button
  • Easily find information on current and completed jobs with the ability to "search"
Enjoy a central file cabinet for job documents on your device

NG Customer Connect stores job related files so you can see them from anywhere.

  • Easily upload or take job photos from your phone or tablet
  • Quickly upload job documents and files
  • Allow your team to access job photos and files from any device
  • Retain valuable job documents and be able to access them in the future
No setup or installation and easy to use

NG Customer Connect is simple to get up and running to improve your productivity immediately.

  • Supports Android and Apple smart phones, tablets and computers with current web browsers
  • Does not require an app to install and maintain
  • Is optimized to minimize data plan usage
  • Is available anywhere you have an internet connection and is backed up in the cloud
  • Is preconfigured by National Glass to support our contractor's workflow